Deep calls to Deep

August 17, 2012 § 25 Comments

Feedback on the song “Deep calls to deep

Before I take the development of this album much further, I would like some feedback about the album in general; about the direction I am taking, and about some songs in particular. I would appreciate your comment on the questions below. Feel free to disagree with the comments made by anyone else, including my mine. There is no right or wrong … just artistic, musical and cultural preferences, and I want yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When appraising any of the songs in question, remember they are not finished productions yet, so you have to allow for more instrumentation in the mix, ie the addition of strings, bass guitar, some light percussion, maybe some orchestral instruments featured like flute etc. You are NOT listening to the final product, and in some ways you have to have the ability to “imagine” what the finished mix COULD sound like. These particular songs are past the demo stage, the recording process has begun, but they still have a long way to go. Welcome to the journey…

What do you think of the album title track “Deep calls to deep”

Do you think this song works? Click on the player above to listen, then comment on the questions below:  

Instrumental versus vocal: Remembering that the aim of the album is to create an aid for meditative prayer, does the fact that the song only has about a minute of singing at the beginning and then the rest of the “song” is mainly an instrumental – does this work for you? Would you rather have a full song or a full instrumental, but not half and half? Is that disconcerting, or does the fact that only a few phrases are sung at the beginning, (giving the listener time to think about what was said throughout the rest of the instrumental) a good idea?

Would you like more or less instrumental? Would you prefer to have an overall mix of more or less instrumental music?

Could you handle a whole album like this? There would be variety in the music of course, but I mean could you handle a whole album built on this concept?

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