Deep calls to Deep

August 17, 2012 § 25 Comments

Feedback on the song “Deep calls to deep

Before I take the development of this album much further, I would like some feedback about the album in general; about the direction I am taking, and about some songs in particular. I would appreciate your comment on the questions below. Feel free to disagree with the comments made by anyone else, including my mine. There is no right or wrong … just artistic, musical and cultural preferences, and I want yours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When appraising any of the songs in question, remember they are not finished productions yet, so you have to allow for more instrumentation in the mix, ie the addition of strings, bass guitar, some light percussion, maybe some orchestral instruments featured like flute etc. You are NOT listening to the final product, and in some ways you have to have the ability to “imagine” what the finished mix COULD sound like. These particular songs are past the demo stage, the recording process has begun, but they still have a long way to go. Welcome to the journey…

What do you think of the album title track “Deep calls to deep”

Do you think this song works? Click on the player above to listen, then comment on the questions below:  

Instrumental versus vocal: Remembering that the aim of the album is to create an aid for meditative prayer, does the fact that the song only has about a minute of singing at the beginning and then the rest of the “song” is mainly an instrumental – does this work for you? Would you rather have a full song or a full instrumental, but not half and half? Is that disconcerting, or does the fact that only a few phrases are sung at the beginning, (giving the listener time to think about what was said throughout the rest of the instrumental) a good idea?

Would you like more or less instrumental? Would you prefer to have an overall mix of more or less instrumental music?

Could you handle a whole album like this? There would be variety in the music of course, but I mean could you handle a whole album built on this concept?

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§ 25 Responses to Deep calls to Deep

  • David says:

    1. I think it is perfect just the way it is… warm and inviting.

    2. It works very well. I imagine it as a diving board of sorts
    that invites people to jump into the water of worship and enjoy
    God’s presence.

    3. For my taste, it would work either way because I enjoyed both
    the vocals and the instrumental portions.

    4. Best not to overthink it… whatever the Holy Spirit gives you
    will be very well received. 🙂

    5. Solid concept! I can see something like this helping to extend
    the length of time that some spend in fellowship with the Father, and surely that would make His heart smile. Just from listening to this song, I’d click the repeat button. 🙂


    • Sue Drummond says:

      from Sue
      1.the music is very much inspired by the Holy Spirit
      2. i found myself singing in the spirit to it before you started to sing and when you did that kinda threw me as I think i should have been getting my interpretation to my singing in the spirit at that was amazing how i was singing in melody to your plaing even though I did had not heard the melody before.
      3. Think i wold just love to hear the music…
      4 certainly would enjoy a whole album with just music…..what god gives becomes more personal…. a rhema from HIM.
      5 Thnka you awesome music.


      • Thanks for your honest feedback Sue – this is very valuable to us.

        Just wondering, when you mentioned that you started to sing in the spirit and was (kinda) interrupted by the vocals – do you think the vocals should have come in earlier or later in the track?

        Love that you found it easy to flow with the melody 🙂

        Hearing from God is what its really about… so your feedback was really helpful. Thanks!


    • Thanks David, great feedback!

      1. I was encouraged and surprised that you thought the track worked just as it is…. interesting comment, because the track is only in the initial production stage. I have yet to add bass, strings and other orchestration. The simplicity of what I have given you above may work for 6 minutes, but the song goes for 18 minutes, by which time the ear may be crying out for a little more variation in instrumentation. Your thoughts?

      4. Great comment, which really helps me, because I know I am way too detailed in my approach to some things

      Thanks bro!


    • joyce davis says:

      I love it very much. Please continue in this direction. I feel it will draw many into the presence of our Holy God. We so need for our minds to be filled with his presence in worship and prayer. Thank you so much for sharing this with those of us that enjoy the Secret Place.


  • Jean says:

    It is really lovely and it does help usher me into prayer through the beauty and anointing that carries me there through this song.
    My heart rejoices at the conception of all that the LORD is birthing through this album, Deep Calls Unto Deep!
    My hope is that the LORD’s creativity and Love is experienced throughout the World through Deep Calls Unto Deep.
    Conception to Birthing, this will amaze the unbeliever as they experience the Throneoom without effort. Our GOD reigns!
    Love to you all,


  • Yes, this is nice instruments are good. I think we need to hear the heavenly sounds of the Harp, piano, guitar, timbels, all instruments in the bible give God praise. He inhabits the praises of his people even in instruments. I think this is how jazz came about.

    Songs of instruments, thumbs up for me.


    • Thats true Marian – God does inhabit our praises even in instrumental music. There will be a few different instruments blended in through the album that are designed to carry you into His presence without distracting you from meeting with Him. I think you will really enjoy this one!


  • Truth be told, I know very little about music, but I do know when a song or melody ministers to my soul and brings me into His presence. My humble opinion is keep doing what you are doing. I’ve been listening to your anointed music for 3 years now and I love it just the way the Holy Spirit gives it to you!


    • Agree, let the Holy Spirit have fun. So peaceful.


    • Jeanne – we are grateful you shared your thoughts with us. We wanted all those who enjoy the music from the Secret Place to say what they felt about it – not just the musicians among the fans. Your comments have confirmed that the purpose for which this album is being made for – has a very good chance of being accomplished. We want it to minister to people’s souls and take them into His Presence. So thank you!


      • Dakota says:

        Love the music. I pray,flow better in the Spirit if it is only music, not singing. I would love bass guitar and I think there is something so soothing in the flute. The Deep calls to Deep just invites you into HIS presence. Can’t wait to hear the finished CD. Keep up the great work !


  • Cool thing is, Dakota, the bass guitar is being recorded for the album today 🙂 AND we’ve decided to put some flute in as you recommended. Thanks for your input!


  • Michael & Candace says:

    Oh! Sweet Lord… this song. My husband & I have been crying out in our prayer time to connect to God as Deep is calling to deep in these tumultuous times. We love the combination of instrumental & vocal. We’ve been desparate for “real” intimacy w/ the Lord & love songs to the Bridegroom. Too many so called worship songs do nothing more than give glory to satan. Thank you so much for your tender heart before the Lord.


    • Thank you for your encouragement Candace. We serve a good God and would love for everyone to experience His goodness as they spend time in His Presence. The beautiful thing is, its your hearts cry that He can’t resist. I think you will find this album just the thing to meet with Him and express yourself in worship. God bless!


  • Besie says:

    I really love the song and I”m sure our Lord will love it too. Keep it up and God bless!!!!


  • Chris says:

    I think Deep Calls to Deep is going to be a blessing for so many, to be drawn into true Throne Room Worship. Thank you for being obedient and so dedicated to the calling on your life. I look forward to the finished Album. Many Blessings to you and your team.


  • pem says:

    i love your songs..have downloaded some long back and they have blessed me greatly..


  • Gosh, nearly year since I commented here … been busy ! Of course the album is out now, and probably one of my best I think. It is a great album for starting the day off in prayer, or closing the day, winding down relaxing before bed. Have a listen to the final product ..
    Be blessed!


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