Album Feedback

I want to give you the opportunity to provide feedback on the creative process of recording the songs of The secret Place.

YOU the LISTENER – helping to make the music you love!

Right now I’m busy working on my next recording project due out at the end of this year – “Deep calls to deep – soaking music for contemplative prayer and worship.” The album was conceived mainly as an aid for prayer, so it’s primarily an instrumental, but with some vocal phrases included throughout to help focus the listener’s thoughts.

At this stage the recording is still in the formative stages and I am debating a number of directions the album could take, and I wondered how many friends of The Secret Place would be interested in helping with this creative process by providing me with some feedback?

There are many decisions to make in the process of writing, recording and mixing a song for an album. Sometimes I ask a professional in the music industry for their opinion, but a lot of those decisions my family and friends help me make. I value everyone’s opinion, and that’s where you come in …

I wondered if I started a blog like this, where I could share my thoughts about a particular song or the development of some aspect of the recording, would there be a bunch of people interested in taking the journey with me?

Well, I’m about to find out …..

Rules of the game:

  1. Be nice to people (especially the artist!) No one likes to have their creative ideas trashed in a public platform. Honesty, yes … critique ideas, but be nice to people.
  2. NO spam or advertising for your latest gimmick, thanks  : )

Welcome to the journey…

Click here to give feedback on the latest project.


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